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about US

The Latino Labor Leadership Council was founded by Local Latino AFL-CIO Trade Union

leaders residing in the City of Houston and Harris County . These leaders have chosen to

formulate a council that will generate a unified labor Latino support and a voice in Latino Community,

Electoral Educational Policies and Politics. The Enhancing and empowering of a community base that will

address the issues of Latino concerns. It is the hopes and inspiration of this council to help mobilize a

much stronger, bigger and better organized Latino unified community.




  1. Increase a positive vision of the role of organized labor in the Latino community

  2. To increase the awareness of Latino labor elected leadership throughout the Latino community

  3. To educate and to organize, reach out and set up partnerships with individuals and organizations who support our mission

  4. To educate our communities in the importance of political awareness and participation

  5. To organize public forums with organized labor political endorsed candidates in seeking support

  6. To recruit and train Latino labor candidates for public office

  7. To promote economic development and job creation through national legislation

  8. To promote and raise funds for scholarships for children of organized labor

  9. To support organizations who support the rights of workers to organize a Union

  10. To develop relationship through partnerships with educational and the building trades in setting up apprenticeship training schools for the Latino youth who are interested in a skilled trade

  11. To support the rights of immigrants of all races to better themselves by supporting legislation to decent housing and employment opportunities

  12. To publicly oppose those who stand in the way of protecting the labor and religious,and educational freedoms and civil rights of Latinos and people of all walks of life

  13. To provide a voice to the Latino communities in seeking what is right and fair

  14. To mobilized in support of Harris County Central labor Council and affiliates


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